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A dark star in a sea of monotonously predictable heavy bands, Medeia has stuck to one clear objective since its founding in 2002: creating a fresh, brutal sound rich in content and uncompromising in nature. Solely positive reviews for their self-produced and now sold-out debut album Quantum Holocaust: World Domination and the gut wrenching follow-up label release Cult stand as a loud testament to the success of that mission.

Following the success of their label debut which also took Medeia around Europe alongside The Ocean, Medeia released the final instalment of their thematically twisted trilogy in May 2011, dubbing it Abandon All. Though lyrically picking up the tale of nuclear devastation from where “Cult” left off, musically Medeia again progressed by leaps and bounds, embracing whole new elements in their impassioned brand of aural battery and ensuring it sounds nothing short of exceptional. After the release of "Abandon All" Medeia spent an action-packed summer performing on all top-of-the-line summer festivals in Finland making the band know as one ot the top metal outfits in the country.

The end of Medeia's album-trilogy came in the form of Iconoclastic which was released in October of 2013 during the bands European tour with Children of Bodom. The tour consisted of 49 shows in 25 countries making it the longest European tour made by any Finnish band. Adding to the tour-spree the band played an eleven-show Finnish tour to cap the Iconoclastic tour off. The rapid outburst of 60 shows was eventually too much for the lead singer Keijo Niinimaa, who had practically been living on the road for the past couple of years. Keijo decided to leave Medeia in the spring of 2014, making room for an internet sensation known as Frans Aalto. Frans, a talented multi-instrumentalist with a huge online-following, entered the band immediately after Keijo's departure bringing his impressive skill-set to the table. The re-energized group is currently writing music for an EP destined for release later in 2014.

Medeia has made a point of bringing their trademark jaw-dropping energy to audiences across Finland and beyond, touring relentlessly and playing shows alongside such notable acts as Ozzy Osbourne, As I Lay Dying, Children of Bodom, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Between the Buried and Me, Entombed, Animals as Leaders, Decapitated, Raised Fist, Terror, The Ocean and Insomnium.


Quantum Holocaust: World Domination (2006)

Medeia (EP, 2008)

Cult (2008)

Abandon All (2011)

Iconoclastic (2013)


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